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Vivix The World's Most Potent Resveratrol!: Vivix Is Not A Fruity Island Drink

Vivix The World's Most Potent Resveratrol!

The Super Anti Aging Supplement - Vivix Shaklee Independent Distributor

Friday, February 12, 2010

Vivix Is Not A Fruity Island Drink

 Vivix is not a tropical fruity drink  ~ it is much, much more

As you can see by the following independent study (below) --VIVIX is more 10 times more powerful than the popular juice drinks. A one month supply of VIVIX costs $100*. Where as a one months supply of Mona Vie and Nonie Juice cost as much as $140 $160. Why paid more for less? 

(This chart is interactive. Controls adjust the viewing size zoom or save, print or email it)

Additionally, Shaklee is a Health and  Nutrition Company you can trust.   Shaklee has been the leader in the industry and has been in business creating healthier lives for over 50 years. Shaklee's cutting edge products are always safe, pure and powerful and come with a 100% guarantee. Purchase with confidence. Purchase using safe online ordering, plus a product guarantee makes us your quality source.

For additional information about Vivix or to place an order

D. Ross Curington
Health and Wellness Coach

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